Kijk terug: SMASH!UP Gluren bij de Buren

Op 7 oktober om 10:00 uur vond onze SMASH!UP Gluren bij de Buren plaats. Via onderstaande button kun je de livestream terugkijken. Op deze pagina vind je ook het gehele programma.

  • 10:00 uur: Opening
  • 10:10 uur: Flores Dewitte (Vlaamse Waterweg)
    In this presentation we have a look at the origin and content of the smart shipping programme, created by De Vlaamse Waterweg and conclude with the challenges that we have to overcome for the future.
  • 10:30 uur: Louis-Robert Cool (Seafar)
    Seafar offers services to remotely operate crew-reduced vessels (inland and coastal) from a shore control center, with emphasis on effective and safe operations. Seafar is a pioneer in the development and operational integration of state of the art technologies for semi-autonomous and unmanned shipping.
  • 10:50 uur: Coffee Break
  • 11:05 uur: Aline Douxfils (Federal Government of Belgium)
    Aline is a legal advisor at the Directorate-General for Shipping (Federal Public Service Mobility & Transport). She focuses on legal matters related to navigation and climate policy, and worked on the new Belgian legal framework dedicated to MASS operations in Belgian waters. The presentation will give an overview of the Belgian developments (from the federal point of view) in the area of MASS operations and will also discuss progress achieved at the International Maritime Organization in this regard”.
  • 11:25 uur: Jörn Boll (Maritieme Academie Harlingen)
    The presentation will be about the development and implementation of the zero emission barge Green Wave for the inner city transport in Gent. The vessel was developed in the framework of the Interreg NSR project #IWTS 2.0 and is currently used for the transportation of construction materials. I will also tackle the (smart) logistical concept and the use of dedicated inland navigation simulators during the development an testing of the vessel.
  • 11:45 uur: Closing discussion
  • 12:00 uur: End
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