MASSPeople is proud to announce the confirmed membership of the twelve flag states to the MASSPeople international working group for remote and autonomous training standards

MASSPeople was launched in Q1 2021 with the task of bringing focus to the people behind the technology revolution currently gripping the maritime industry. The working group has created a partnership of multiple Flag States from around the world to share in the challenge of developing world-class training and competency standards for the workforce of tomorrow.

The introduction of remote and autonomous technology has brought new ways of working to the maritime sector, and the aim of MASSPeople is to explore the human dimension of remote and autonomously enabled maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS). MASSPeople will work to develop new job roles and profiles for the people that will be involved in ensuring the safe operation of MASS. These profiles will inform recommendations on new competency standards for discussion at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) where currently a roadmap containing scope, steps and timelines are being prepared in the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC). The group will also propose specialisms, training structures and qualification requirements for all those involved in remote and autonomous vessel operations.

By focusing on the people who will operate this new technology, the group aims to ensure that their skills can evolve effectively and to high industry safety standards.

The group is proud to announce the membership of Flag States representing:

  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Poland

Along with Fugro and Seabot Group.

Ross Macfarlane, Chairperson of the MASSPeople group, said: “By establishing MASSPeople, we are preparing for the future and the transition to remote and autonomous technology, which is already changing the way our industry operates. This new technology contributes to creating a safe and liveable world, but it is ultimately our people who make change happen and MASSPeople will ensure they are fully trained and supported in their important mission.“

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