INEC and iSCSS 2022

The International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition (INEC) and the international Ship Control Systems Symposium (iSCSS) will both be organized from the 8th until the 10th of November, at the Aula Congress Centre of the Delft University of Technology.


The International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition (INEC) is the foremost professional event in the naval engineer’s calendar and in 2022 seeks to build on previous successes and expand its international credentials.

‘Adapt or die’ might be a bit strong as a starter, but there is a real sense of urgency building about our need to change and more optimism about our ability to adapt to meet the challenge.  As a human species we need to adapt to stall climate change, across the generations we need to up-skill to make use of the digital revolution and Industry 4.0, and as Navies we need to reinvent ourselves to remain competitive in the battlespace. 

The aim of INEC 2022 is to provide those who design, build, operate and maintain ships and submarines including students and researchers, with a platform to share ideas, create networks, promote good practise and demonstrate excellence in our global and diverse domain. Can Navies that build ships and submarines for 30+ year lifespans stay relevant when system designs improve much more quickly?  The conference lays down the challenge to ship and submarine designers, builders and support teams to adapt to integrate emerging technologies such as autonomous systems and artificial intelligence.  Not only do we need to adapt, we need to build resilience through assured availability with new approaches to maintenance and repair. 


The international Ship Control Systems Symposium (iSCSS) aim for 2022 is ‘human machine teaming in ship control’, which strives to get the best out of collaboration between the human and control systems.

While the complexity of operations at sea continue to increase, society demands maritime operations to be intelligent, sustainable, and safe, both for naval and commercial operations. To achieve these goals, we need to grasp the opportunity novel technologies like autonomous systems and artificial intelligence provide, while ensuring we involve the human when needed, in design and in operation of control systems.

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