Smart Vision Experience | Port Safety & Technology

After a successful innovation conference in February 2020 Smart Vision is making a return on the 1st of June proposing to the port stakeholders struggling with the digital transformation of their organizations a new live event with the subject: 

“Port safety & technology”

The digital revolution in the port of Rotterdam was already ongoing when the pandemic started. The stakes for innovation have never been higher, the risk of failing has never felt greater, but the lessons learned from this global health crisis removed the doubts and fears for most of the port companies and encouraged them to accelerate the implementation of innovation in all business processes.

Artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented reality, cloud and blockchain technologies are already finding their way into the port and maritime sector. Partnerships between big actors in the maritime sector and innovative start-ups and scale-ups demonstrate huge potential when it comes to pushing the boundaries of technology adoption.

STC, the innovative worldwide operating educational and research institution for professions in and around the port, is hosting this new conference about today’s port innovations. On the 1st of June, maritime companies, port innovators, cybersecurity experts and high-end tech developers will take the stage and show how they apply the technological innovation and what profits this yields. They explain how safety is increased, efficiency and cost savings are achieved and a competitive advantage can be gained.

Ticketprice: free of charge 

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