Webinar Moving Freight by Water: Sustainable Infrastructure and Innovative Vessels

In line with the Transport White Paper, 30% of road freight over 300 km should shift to rail or waterborne transport by 2030, and more than 50% by 2050. More automation and autonomy in waterborne transport is decisive for the competitive edge of waterborne logistics towards road transport, and thus a prerequisite for being able to meet these goals.

There is a series of European initiatives and EU funded research and innovation projects contributing to the overall policy as stated in the Commission’s Transport White Paper. Close contact with potential stakeholders is an important part in all these activities for being able to operationalise innovations.

The questions to be investigated in this webinar are:

  1. How will automation and autonomy contribute to efficient and sustainable inland navigation cargo transport in Europe?
  2. What are the challenges and what are the solutions that these initiatives propose?
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